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What is cucktales.com?

A website where we see examples of men in nowadays societies getting cucked. Seeing this is a good way to learn from other people’s mistakes.

what does it mean to “get cucked”?

As of Urbandictionary: Synonymous with “cuckolded.” One whose wife has had sexual relations with another man (in modern use, often with the husband’s approval) has been cucked. 

Now, we use the term “cuck” here, when a man submits himself to a woman in any way. This can go from buying a woman gifts out of the desperation to have sex, all the way to accepting your wife to have sex with another man with your “permission”.

I got cucked! What should I do?

Let that be a lesson for you and make sure you don’t get cucked next time you’re in a similar situation. You can also submit your story so others learn from your mistakes.

This girl cucked me and I have a great idea how to get revenge! It goes as follo-

Just let it go, these “revenge stories” are meh at best and more often than not, they are cringeworthy. You probably got this fantasy from some sort of drama TV series which is not applicable to real life. Also you will look like an emotional clown.