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Another woman is a victim of being “good-looking”

In other words: Another teacher had sex with her students.

This woman in particular is a particular nutcase (one of many you could say).


So.. first she was exposed of having sex with a pupil in a plane. I wanted to write this story then but at that point there was no Cuck involved so i had to abstain from it.. luckily this story went full circle and now here we are.


So, she had sex with the first student in the toilets of a plane. That was on the way back of a school trip.

“Pupil A gave evidence that he and Miss Wilson entered the toilet, kissed and had oral sex and intercourse without using protection.

This story got exposed because one student blackmailed her, telling her to have sex with him or he would expose the story, well he did and we had the usual reactions of “she was highly respected” and whatnot.

The affair with the initial kid went on even after the first event in the plane (where she used alcohol as an excuse).

So they spoke to her about it and..

In September 2015 the school’s head teacher learned that Miss Wilson was in a relationship with a student. They spoke to her about it but with no corroborating evidence no further action was taken.

Well well this time they didn’t let a woman go so easy, they investigated again and had a hearing where she didn’t show up. They ended up with:

Alan Meyrick, an official on behalf of Education Secretary Justine Greening, banned Miss Wilson indefinetely from teaching.

Later, another friend of the boy that had sex with her gave some more info out about their relationship, and to no one surprise: They had alot of sex before the plane back too.

So this student pretty much got everything he could wish for and the readers of CuckTales are about to get everything they wish for in a second.

The brother of this teacher came out and claims it was a setup all along (despite all the text messages that confirm a suspicious relationship between teacher and student)

The brother claims that the reason they set her up was because she is so good looking.

He also claims that she wasn’t banned from teaching and she left herself, which is a very shocking thing I must say. She should definitely be banned.

“A student can easily say one thing that has ruined a teacher’s career. She has worked seven years for it and to suddenly out of the blue stop because of lads pestering her because she is a young teacher” he told the MailOnline.

Again, a cuck in disbelief.. There are so many cold hard facts against him but “it just can’t be!!!” right?

Hard to accept that your sister isn’t as sweet and innocent as you thought she is.










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