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After stabbing her boyfriend, this student was not sent to jail because it would “damage her career”

Aspiring surgeon “Lavinia Woodward” admits to punching and stabbing her boyfriend with a bread knife in a alcohol-and-drug fuelled fight at her Christ Church College.

source: Facebook


So, she met the guy at Tinder, which is, as we all know a hookup-app and not a find-a-boyfriend app. (Except you’re crazy)

So to no surprise, the guy found something crazy in there. This aspiring heart-surgeon first punched him in the face, gashed his leg with a bread knife and threw a laptop, glass and jam jar at him. It’s kinda ironic how she’s quick to grab a knife, looks like becoming a surgeon really is her talent.

Speaking of talent. The judge apparently could see her talent through her actions, to which he reacted with:

“It seems to me that if this was a one-off, a complete one-off, to prevent this extraordinary able young lady from not following her long-held desire to enter the profession she wishes to would be a sentence which would be too severe.”


Yea, just once stabbing ONE person seems like something that should be forgiven. Take it one step further and you’re talking about murder.

This all starts to become typical, woman does something ridiculous and gets no punishment. Let’s continue in context with the typical psycho-woman stuff:


Mitigating, James Sturman QC said his client’s dreams of becoming a surgeon were “almost impossible” as her conviction would have to be disclosed. She had had a very troubled life and was abused by a previous boyfriend, he said.


So, maybe you’re still deluding yourself into saying “Okay, if this is her first incident then maybe it shouldn’t ruin her whole life”


But it has now emerged that Woodward had already been warned about drug taking by the college and had been told she would be expelled if there was any further incidents.

It has emerged that prior to the attack, Woodward had been required to submit to regular drug testing by the college and had also been moved onto a research project where she had no contact with patients.

It has also been alleged that it was not the first such incident and she had attacked him on two previous occasions.


source: Facebook

Luckily, it seems like the college wants to expell her.






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