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£453 Million divorce payout

This just shows how ridiculous the current marriage system is.

This couple divorced after a pretty long relationship. The man managed to get a net worth of around a billion. He is also known for taking good care of his wife (300k in jewelry, unrestricted use of two credit cards, a yacht, plane, helicopter) .. She pretty much has every single thing imaginable.. Apparently this wasn’t enough


She divorced him, and of course by how the law works (split 50/50) she got half of his stuff

coming down to £453 Million.

In addition to that, she got her ex-husbands £90 million art collection and Aston Martin.


Of course she “deserved” that money, she argued that:


She contended that the ‘total net marital wealth’ was just over £1billion and that their entire wealth was ‘matrimonial in character’, having been built up during a long marriage through ‘equal contributions to the welfare of the family’.


So essentially, being a mother and raising your own kids is worth almost £500 Million.



The wealthy husband had bought his children flats in a luxury London development costing £29million and £7.2million, the court heard.


This is actually very admirable and something probably all of us wish to give our children. He pretty much secured his children a good life, but couldn’t protect himself from his wife.

This law is riduclous on so many levels. Getting a prenuptial agreement is a good option, however there are many cases in where the judge just chose not to “respect” the agreement and the wife still got half. You cannot justify this amount of money for being a mother, at most she should’ve gotten a few million (maximum 3) and that’s that.

Stuff like this is what gets people to shy away from marriage, rightly so. No one wants to be the victim of this situation. Even though this man is a great mind when it comes to his business, he still got cucked.





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