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Shameless women openly admit that they use sex to get their own way – Cucks stand proudly by their side!

Absolutely shameless:

  • School receptionist Clare Matthew, 39, from Colchester, used sex to get her deep-sea diver husband Rob, 35, to buy several things – including a dining table
  • Hayley Garbutt, 49, used sex to get husband Maurice, a 51-year-old engineer, to book a holiday to the Carribean


This time I want you to to explicitly look at their age because I want this website to become a teaching place and not a place where PETA has to check if we harm any whales (thus, no pics)

So anyways, as you can probably guess.. they’re older women. Guess a little more and you’ll come to the idea that they’re past their prime.

These women aren’t even physically attractive anymore and yet, these *men* spoil them, spending money on this shit.

‘The truth is Rob will do anything for sex,’ she says. ‘And so I use this fact mercilessly to negotiate what I want for me, for my home, for our future.’

The list of things gained in such a way is, she says, endless. ‘There has been a £900 washing machine, a £200 direct marketing course and constant upgrades of furniture, including a £1,100 dining table and chairs. For myself, I enjoy splurging on regular massages for a bit of “me” time. I’ve also treated myself to countless pairs of shoes and a Michael Kors watch that cost £180.’


Alright so let’s do the math here:

Washing machine: £900

Marketing course: £200

Dining table: £1,100

Watch: £180

List doesn’t include the “constant upgrades of furniture”


So that guy spent £2380 on sex. Not so bad if you compare it with others. Still pathetic.

Here’s the second woman:


‘The first time I did it, I was amazed it worked. I wanted a pink Laura Ashley bedroom. I love pretty country-style florals. But it is rather feminine, so Rob wouldn’t agree to it. He’s an ex-Army man and has served in Afghanistan — I can understand why it wasn’t to his taste.

‘But I really, really wanted this look. In an off-the-cuff remark I jokingly promised him a night he wouldn’t forget if he agreed. I got my girlie bedroom. It was that easy! Since then, I’ve used it whenever I’ve needed to.’

Here you have it from the horses mouth guys, as soon as she finds a weakness, she will exploit it.

‘I’ll only pick my moment if I sense he’s sufficiently relaxed. Call it feminine intuition, but then if I whisper in his ear about booking our holiday, for example, he’ll say yes. He’s never said no.’

 She’s even admitting to being manipulative.

‘Giving my husband what he wants means I get what I want. We’re both happy. It doesn’t mean I don’t fancy my husband, I do and I love him to bits. But our sex drives are so different. It’s human nature to put more of an effort into lovemaking when I know there is something for me at the end of it.’

Did you just realize what she said? She puts effort into sex, when she knows there’s something for her at the end of it.


-Has ZERO respect for her husband and only sees him as a means to an end

-Admits to being essentially a prostitute

This woman wouldn’t care about pleasing her man if it wouldn’t be for the things he buys her, that tells you alot about the marriage, of course she keeps denying it and claiming her relationship will last, she’s sure of it.

The relationship will 99% NOT LAST. Why you’re asking?

-She will slowly realize that she’s not attracted to a chump (very likely)

-He will snap out of it and get rid of her (unlikely)

She will just realize, she doesn’t have to be with this loser and if she divorces him she’ll get most of the stuff anyways, plus she can spend time with men she’s actually attracted to, men with a backbone.

Also, this guy is ex-military. We had police twice now and now military. This proves that your job doesn’t mean shit.

‘At first I was looking at Cape Verde or Spain, but I really fancied a break in the Caribbean. I wanted to go to the Dominican Republic. Yet travelling so far for just a week seemed ridiculous.

‘So when I found a package holiday for a fortnight, I pleaded with Maurice to take another week off work. He moaned about having to use holiday from this year’s allowance.‘However, I know Maurice likes me to dress sexily in the bedroom, so I did just that — and got the holiday. I don’t feel bad. Men like strong women.’

Also noteworthy that she thinks being a whore is being a “strong woman”

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    Stroong. Might as well hire a hooker at that age

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