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Mother-of-three police officer quits job to work as a Lapdancer.

  • Married mother-of-three Hannah Havers, 35, quit Thames Valley Police in May last year and became a lap dancer at Honey Pot club in Maidenhead, Berkshire 
  • She works just 12 night each month but has doubled her salary to £5k-a-month
  • Mrs Havers says she gets to spend more time with her children and husband 

This woman thought “why should I work as a police officer when i can just whore myself out?”

Alright, so she works 12 nights each month, so I guess from friday-sunday and makes £5000 a month

She says that working as a police officer was very stressful and this switch has helped her marriage.. well the first is surely believable but the latter? Only improves your marriage if the husband is a C-word

‘Now my life is much better. I’ve got lots of regular clients and I really enjoy my work.’

Shaking your ass for desperate men doesn’t seem very enjoyable to me.


It’s sickening how she has absolutely no shame, in the article she mentions how she can now spend time with her mother. The Cuck obviously is a happy camper, deluding himself with saying that they now can spend more family-time together, which is a massive bonus.. No wonder this chump wants someone to spend time with, misery loves company.

So the elephant in the room is, does she REALLY only do lapdances? Who knows really, but would it surprise anyone?

‘But more than 12 years down the line, with three kids and my husband also in the police, we eventually decided we needed a change.

The husband is also a police officer, this is now the 2nd time we exposed a police officer in his misery. Let’s see if this turns out to be a trend.

I feel bad for the kids for having such an upbringing, a father with absolutely no guts and a mother who is a lapdancer. When the kids go to school they’ll probably get either bullied or their mom will get hit on. Imagine on of your friends coming to school saying “hey, your mom is great at giving lapdances”.


Her facebook (with pics, worth checkint out): https://www.facebook.com/hannah.parker.315?ref=br_rs


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