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Hard working homemaker wife wins well deserved £150 million in divorce

  • US finance executive Randy Work made fortune in Japan before moving to UK
  • In 2015 big-money divorce battle judge ruled wife Mandy Gray got equal share
  • Mr Work says judges failed to consider that he made all the family’s money
  • His lawyers said financier possessed the ‘quality of genius’ –  judges disagreed
  • But Mrs Gray’s decision to uproot to Japan and run home earned her equal share
  • Judges side with his estranged wife and order him to hand over half his cash 

Haha, if he was such a “genius” he wouldn’t have married her to begin with.


Randy Work tried telling the judges that she should only get 39% because he is such a genius, the three judge said:

Mr Work would not have been able to ‘amass the wealth’ without his estranged wife

Because she was a..

‘good wife’ and ‘homemaker’ who raised their two children.

According to the three judges: This man would NOT be able to make the money WITHOUT his wife.

Let’s be real here, the wife had nothing to do with his entrepreneurial success. Do you wanna tell me this woman is some type of super-woman that causes her husband to become a multi millionaire? I dont think so. She did her part in the marriage (looking after the kids and house), so did he (brought bread to the table) but that part is definitely not worth £150 million. This 50/50 law definitely needs a overhaul.


Mr. Work had relied on a Texan post nuptial agreement signed in October 2000 while they were still together.

He told the judge in evidence that ‘unfortunately’ as she had not accepted his settlement offer of around d £47m in instalments under the agreement and apart from her keeping £5m of her own assets he was not going to pay her a penny more.

Even though they had a prenup, the judge didn’t care. What’s the point of such an agreement then if it doesn’t hold in court?

So if you quit your job to look after your kids while the man is getting in millions it is considered a..

She claims this was a ‘substantial sacrifice’ on her part. He claims she was keen to do so.




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    Lol checking

  2. Hugh Myron says:

    Looks like being a “home maker” is actually a lucritive multi million dollar career

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