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Man couldn’t handle getting cucked, stabbed his wife to death

Looks like this time, fucking around had some type of consequence for the woman.

  • Stuart Gallear, 51, accused of murdering his wife to death with kitchen knife
  • Mandy Gallear, 42, found on floor of her home near Wigan last October
  • Former warehouse manager told police he ‘lost it’ over wife’s affair with joiner
  • Gallear has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denies murder at trial



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What struck with me in the article is that even though it is CLEAR that she cheated on him, they still manage to blame the husband for HER cheating (not the murder)


Mrs Gallear told others about her dissatisfaction with her husband and how he mistreated her.


‘Mandy Gallear fell in love with Mark Prescott and in early 2016 confided in a work colleague that she wanted to leave the defendant but felt unable to do so because of her children.

that’s some bullshit right there, everyone knows that in this day and age, the woman will get the kids, the house and the car when divorcing a man. It’s just another excuse for her cheating.

The guy wasn’t having any of it.. or did he? When she told him that she’s divorcing, the guy took a knife in his hand and stabbed her.

While dying, the woman apparently said:

what are you doing? I still love you

And guess what suddenly happened, he “snapped out of it” put the knife aside and called the ambulance.

Let’s be real here, she was playing him hard. Come on, all it needed for him to come into his senses was saying that you loved him even though you clearly didn’t? She must have treated him like a pile of dogshit when this is all it needs to put the cuck into place.

She didn’t deserve death simply for cucking her husband, but it’s also to no surprise that some men just lose control after getting cucked so hard.

He’s still a cuck though, got way too attached to the situation and now faces some serious jailtime. He should’ve just used CuckTales.com as an outlet to vent his problems instead of killing another person. Also should have divorced her a long time ago.



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