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Police officer asks his boss if it is OK for his wife to work as an Escort and boss gives greenlight.

So.. instead of asking himself if it is okay that his wife whores herself out, this police officer decided to ask his boss instead.

  • Sex worker Sarah Jane Frost, 30, married PC Scott Frost, 41, in August 2015
  • PC Frost, from Kent, told bosses at the Metropolitan Police about her occupation
  • The force did not raise any objections and said he was ‘right’ to let them know

looks like hubby did a good job letting ’em know.

The wife of a police officer has been given the green light to carry on working as a hooker after he told his bosses about her profession.

Sarah Jane Frost, 30, who describes herself as ‘busty, fun and curvy’ online, has been advertising her services on an adult website for more than three years.

She travels across the country and charges up to £130 for a sex session which lasts one hour.

Her husband, PC Scott Frost, 41, even told his bosses at the Metropolitan Police and claims they have given her the green light to continue working.


The article states “curvy” and you know what it means when a woman calls herself curvy.

pics of the hooker and her husband



she wrote: ‘I am up for most things. I’m friendly and fun. My cheeky smile and curvy figure will put you at ease in no time. I love sex.’

She got married to PC Frost, a safer schools officer, in August 2015 and bragged to undercover reporters at the newspaper about making hundreds of porn movies.

Mrs Frost describes herself as being 5ft 3ins and 14 stone and added that she has natural 36G breasts.

Delusions upon delusions.. last time i checked, force feeding pigs for more meat wasn’t natural.. so how are her tits?

What’s really shocking in this article is that the man got premission from his boss. This guy is not only cucked from his wife, but also from his job. Really 0 self-respect.

He said: ‘They have said there’s no conflict of interest. There’s no problem. If there was a problem, I wouldn’t have a job, would I?’

If you want to see more pictures of the Whale, you can check them out in the original article:



And guys: If you decide to hire a professional for your sexual needs, atleast get something that isn’t in this miserable condition.

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